Just Add Water Yoga is excited to bring its water infused movement classes to you BOTH ON and OFF the water! In Partnership with the Westin Bayshore Hotel join us for an ON water ‘LIQUID’ class OR step INSIDE to our NEWEST Just Add Water Studio where we will be offering a variety of classes including:

Barre, Yoga, Core/Restore, Sculpt, Meditation AND SO MUCH MORE!

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LOCATION: The Westin Bayshore Hotel in Coal Harbour
Address: 1601 Bayshore Drive, Vancouver, BC, V6G 2V4, Canada

STUDIO Classes

Located on the main floor of the hotel and are open to general public and hotel guests alike.  We strive to make this a space for all levels and co-create a space where you can achieve all of your goals whether it be in meditation riding the waves of the mind, moving the body to find more fluid and space to stretch out or to tone and strengthen in all areas!

Move Well Yoga

Experience The Westin Bayshore’s signature class designed for all levels and customized by each instructor.

Move Well Yoga is a hybrid of Hatha and Flow styles, allowing participants to recharge for a more productive day, or unwind from a busy day of work or travel. Feel Well after moving through a series of exercises that help relieve tension in those tight spaces through deepened breath.

This 1-hour class offers something for everyone, introducing movements that allow for greater breath and body ranges.

*All levels welcome

Power Flow

Unlock the true power found deep within the mind and body in this vinyasa flow class. Explore your personal power through the fluid movements infused in this asana practice.

*All levels welcome
*Vinyasa style class with longer holds in some poses

Happy Hips & Shoulders

Drop the weight of the day at the door, and join us as we move through targeted body movements that decrease tension in the shoulders while healing those troublesome areas of the body affected by stress and injuries.

*All levels welcome

Barre Essentials

Plié and pulse your way to a more toned self in this unique, total body endurance class.

Using light weights and fitness balls, this class is designed to improve posture, strength and stamina through low-impact, isometric movements.

*All Levels Welcome
*Please go barefoot or wear barre socks.


Balance hard work with relaxation in this strengthen-and-stretch fusion class. The first half of the class focuses on increasing core stability, while the second half incorporates active stretching and restorative, yoga-inspired poses.

Core Essentials

This Class will target the key areas between our hips & shoulders that make up our core body and build from the inside out.  Through targeted Breath and Body movements students should be ready to work, play and explore key Core Essentials!

Walk with more freedom and carry more confidence!

*All Levels Welcome

Meditation Made Easy

We all KNOW we should meditate, but it’s hard… our inner monkey mind takes over and we feel as though we just can’t.

This class will help you discover YOUR way of meditating through gentle movements, breathing and guiding the mind in the direction of our choice.

Let’s make meditation a daily practice with easy access and movement.

*All Levels Welcome

ON WATER Classes

A NEW and exciting way to challenge your mind & body at the Westin Bayshore Hotel’s OUTDOOR pool – a magical environment where you feel as though you escaped on a mini retreat!  This practice commands your presence, awakens your mind and body to the subtle movements while embracing our fluid nature!  Join us on the Aquamat and decide for yourself!

Liquid Yoga

Move & be moved on the floating mat. Take your asana to the water and watch how your body learns to move with fluid strength and stability. This 1 hour class will have you challenging the ‘regular’ practice in a fun, new and exciting way!

Join us to laugh and find the play in your practice!

Liquid Core Fit

Want a workout that’s playful and fun while building core strength?

Then join us for the latest and greatest ON water classes where we take simple movements and enhance them on the water!

Play, splash, rest and rejuvenate!